The excitement of the day ahead was on Alexandra's eyes when I met her on her wedding day at her parents' house.

She was going to marry the boy she met while attending Colegio San José in San Germán, now the man she loved.

Capturing the Engagement of High School Sweet Hearts

The soon to be her forever companion. When I photographed their engagement I knew this day was going to be amazing... I wasn't wrong.

Wedding Ceremony at Parroquia San Germán de Auxerre.

The ceremony took place at Parroquia San Germán de Auxerre. What a marvelous church with such an impressive architecture.  Arches painted in the Trompe l'oeil manner harbored Alexandra's big smile al throughout the ceremony. They were joyous, and I as their photographer was so moved.

Wedding Reception at Museo Castillo Serrallés in Ponce

After the ceremony we headed to Museo Castillo Serrallés in Ponce for their beautiful tent wedding reception.

Alex Pagán did an outstanding job with the decor, lovely coral tones and sea life touches to integrate their passion for the ocean. The event was coordinated by Pike's and everything was perfect, as usual with this team. Overall a dream like wedding for a dreamy couple!

Congrats to you two Alexandra and Brian!


Client Love Wedding photographer

When I was looking for my wedding photographer one of my bridesmaids asked me if I had seen the work of Nilka Gissell and I answered: No but I will definitely take a look at her Facebook page.

As soon as I started looking the wedding pictures taken by Nilka I fell in love with her work instantly; there was a spark in every picture that made me feel like WOW!!! At that precise moment I said to myself, yes I just found my wedding photographer!!!

I contacted her via her official website, she answered very quickly and I signed the contract. When I met her personally on our first appointment to discuss the details of the contract and the services included in the selected package I knew she was going to make our wedding an unforgettable moment.

On our love story session she made us feel so comfortable posing for the pictures, it was so natural and we had so much fun!!! I was so happy and satisfied with her work that day that I couldn’t imagine how great the wedding day was going to be!!!

On our wedding day Nilka was spectacular, everyone could see how passionate she is about her work paying attention to every detail and making it so comfortable and easy to us on a day that the stress level is so high because so much is going on at the same time!

Nilka is so professional, responsible, diligent, dynamic, friendly and so passionate about her work that I recommend her with my eyes closed! Choosing Nilka Gissell as my wedding photographer was one of the best decisions of my life because you only get to say I do once in a lifetime. Imagine our excitement to take a look at the pictures!

When the pictures were ready and I took a look at them and it was a jaw-dropping moment, every picture had its own story captured so perfectly! The pictures were stunningly beautiful; I felt that I was living through every single moment that she captured again, again and again! We will be forever grateful to Nilka Gissell for capturing the magic of every moment at our wedding day!!!

Alexandra y Brian