Adventure Beach Engagement in Puerto Rico

Location Scouting for an Adventure Engagement

As a rock climber, I loved spending lots of my time outdoors. Not only at the crag, but also exploring my Island and trying to find that perfect spot for an adventure engagement. Puerto Rico is an Island filled with so many possibilities. It has mountains with breath taking views, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, you name it! All you need is to have a positive attitude to get there and enjoy the ride. (Literally since there's plenty of driving in Puerto Rico, for it being so small).

Finding the Perfect Beach Spot

Sometimes you find a perfect location just out of pure luck. This is how I stumbled upon this beach area located north of Puerto Rico. The hike wasn't too strenuous, but you certainly need to carry on and enjoy the torns, the rocky road and the butterlfy's. (Not complaining about that!). I suggested this location to Victor and Michelle, and they were game! Points to couples that are willing to go the extra mile to obtain unique pictures that showcase their love!

Thanks Victor and Michelle, you guys rocked it!