Couples sessions in Puerto Rico during Covid -19


What to expect

Couples sessions are still ago amidst the lockdown. But, I know many of you have many questions about how to go about them. For starters you have to wear a mask, some places have restrictions and others are closed or you need reservations. For example if you plan a session at El Yunque National Rainforest at the main recreation area you need to make reservations.

Best time

Depending on where you want your couples session to take place it would be better to do an early morning session or an afternoon session. Old San Juan is extremely crowded in the afternoons; meanwhile a secluded forest location will be empty. You have to keep in mind that there are better days to avoid the crowds. Usually during the weekdays you’ll have the benefit of less crowded locations.

Avoid the crowds

I recommend the less crowded alternative, since to take your pictures you will need to remove your mask. This will keep you safe and allows us to move quicker and more relaxed through your pictures because we would have to worry less about having to navigate through a crowded location.

Where to go

At the time of writing this the beaches and most parks are open and the restrictions are more relaxed. Going to a natural location usually works out, unless is a national park or a restricted area. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer in regards to off the beaten path location. And if you love adventure sessions, this is the time to head out and explore your options.

Keep in mind

The lockdown restrictions are ever changing. At times the beaches are open at others they aren’t. I recommend being flexible with your couples session locations and let the magic happen!

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