El Yunque Elopement in Puerto Rico

What is an elopement?

There's a difference between a small wedding and elopement. An elopement is a wedding with just the couple. But lately this term is being used for weddings with just a handful of guest.

For an elopement you only need an officiant and a destination. That's why as a photographer I can help you plan it out and get you in touch with vendors for the day. More than likely other than the officiant, you will only need a makeup artist and little decoration that can be resumed in just a bouquet of flower for brides.

More and more couples are opting to have their elopement ceremony at a location with a fantastic view other than the traditional hotel or resort. An adventure elopement can be perfectly crafted to fit your needs and adventurous heart.

Why should you choose an elopement?

Every couple has their reasons to elope and there's absolutely no right or wrong reason. Eloping shouldn't be viewed negatively. For many couples the idea of a traditional wedding is not a good fit. The most important thing is that whatever you decide it makes you happy.

These are some reasons to choose an elopement.

  • You are not a traditional couple.
  • You rather spend the wedding money just on yourselves.
  • You do not want the stress of a big wedding.
  • You want an authentic experience.
  • You want an intimate ceremony.
  • No family drama.


Do I love elopements?

Heck yeah!! Shooting elopements has been one of my favorites for the past 7 years as a wedding photographer. They are intimate and full of charm. I'm grateful to all the clients that have made me part of their special day.


Check out this cute elopement portrait session. This pair opted to have a private ceremony followed by some casual portraits at El Yunque.