How to plan a Surprise Proposal in Puerto Rico

Surprise Proposal in San Juan Puerto Rico

You bought your engagement ring and your ticket to a beautiful Caribbean Island, but feel overwhelmed on how to plan your surprise proposal in Puerto Rico. You are not alone! Surprise proposals in Puerto Rico are trending, and with how beautiful the Island is and how convenient it is to travel here, it’s just perfect.

Your options for a Surprise Proposal in Puerto Rico

First things first, decide if you want a low key proposal at a beautiful location or if you want to plan something more intricate. Your personalities and your likings will be the deciding factor. Puerto Rico has many types of scenery from where to choose from: white sandy beaches, beachfront hotels, rainforest, mountain tops, colonial architecture, romantic rooftop restaurants or even outdoor adventures like rock climbing, sailing, zip lining, you name it!

Surprise Proposal During Your Couples Session

If you are reading this then you also want to connect with a cool photographer that will discreetly capture your proposal. Some couples opt the way of the “couples session”. You tell your loved one you want to have your couples session taken during your visit to Puerto Rico as a keep sake of your awesome trip and during the session you pop the question. The benefit of this option is that you will both look your best and your loved one will feel more comfortable in front of the camera having spent the time to spruce up.

Surpirse Proposal in San Juan Puerto Rico

Complete Surprise Surprise Proposal 

However, you might opt for a complete surprise where you plan ahead of time with your photographer. For this you can incorporate decor, flowers to give her as well as live music. For example, Duo Romanza offers violin and cello performances. This is a cute touch to any low key surprise proposal as well as a more planned out one. And no, they I’m not sponsored by them, I simply adore their music. 😊 There surely are other musicians that can accommodate for your event.

Surprise Proposal at Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Let’s Get Planning!

By working with a local photographer, we can scout out locations as well as give you ideas of best locations for your proposal. Sometimes clients can see a beautiful location on Instagram or Pinterest, but for the spontaneity of the moment they might not work out. Or sadly, sometimes locations like this one are no longer available because they get destroyed by inclement weather.

Surprise Proposal at Old San Juan

I’m here to guide you, but in the end the most important thing is to choose something that speaks to your heart. Part of the proposal session is to capture the love you to have for each other. Here’s a sample of what that might look like! 

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