NYC Engagement Session at Soho

NYC Engagement Session

I met Glaelis and Antonio a while back in NYC. They were getting married in Puerto Rico, but opted to have their engagement session at Brooklyn Bridge. These were crazy times for all of us. It was right after hurricane María had hit the Island. As it happens I was stuck in NYC for a while since there were no flights back home. In a way we talked more about the Island than about the wedding itself. But we managed to have so much fun regardless of our hearts being in Puerto Rico.

Wedding in Puerto Rico

After meeting up and connecting in NYC, Glaelis and Antonio had their wedding in Puerto Rico. All I can say is they've become more than just clients, but friends.

Anniversary Session in Soho

As NYC lovers we decided to go back. This time to Soho to celebrate their anniversary with cool pics at our favorite city. It's so amazing when you go photograph clients that aren't really clients anymore. We had so much fun! An improvised stop at Sweet Gloria for a Gold Leafed Icecream, check! A stop at a hip brewery in brewery in Brooklyn, check. Thanks guys, I hope this isn't the last time you are in front of my camera! 😉