5 Reasons to Have An Adventure Session in Puerto Rico

What is An Adventure Session

An adventure session is an alternative to a regular couples session. They involve some hiking, exploring and getting into nature. It can be as adventurous as going rock climbing, hiking two hours to get to the top of a mountain or as relaxed as hiking 10 minutes to get to a waterfall. It’s all about going to the less travel locations sometimes off the beaten path.

5 Reasons to Have an Adventure Session in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has many unique locations

Puerto Rico is 100x35 miles of pure outdoors opportunities. You would be amazed by how diverse our Island is. We have waterfalls, dry forest, rainforest, sea, rivers and mountains. You can kayak, ride atv, paddle board, sail, rock climb, mountain bike, snorkel, hike, go canyoneering, among so many other. Thus, the options are endless.

Being surrounded by nature is relaxing

There’ scientific proven reasons that state that spending time in the great outdoors reduces stress levels, help you find clarity, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

It’s more meaningful

Maybe you have a special place you have visited with your loved one and would love to create some photographic magic there. Maybe you just want to take the challenge to visit a place that’s a bit more difficult to get to.

You get to step outside of the routine

Traditional locations tend to be busy. You already know this since you’ve been there many times. So why not step outside of the routine and do something new or visit a new place. Could this be the time to rent that atv tour?

It creates a sense of gratitude towards the planet

If you are like me and the way to escape the mundane is to go to the outdoors and seek adventure, then adventure sessions are for you! Let’s be grateful for this beautiful planet that we live on and let’s let it take our breath away.

Check out this awesome rock climbing adventure session. Yours truly is a rock climber and I’m so excited I got to photograph this one. It included some Mavi and Star Fruit, just to make it a bit more tropical. lol

Nothing beats joining two of my greatest passions: rock climbing and photography. Thanks Maurizette and Hiram you rocked this "climbing trip"!