Condado Vanderbilt Destination Wedding Puerto Rico

Weddings at the Condado Vanderbilt

Just like they describe it on their web page: "The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel offers romantic, picture-perfect wedding venues and locations that recall the indescribable sheen of grandeur." Did you say elegance, luxury and romance? If your answer is yes, then this is the venue for you!

Getting Ready Emotions

I loved Natalie and Max getting ready. They both had gifts that had both of them tearing up. It's obvious they know each other so well. I specially loved that they included their beloved dog Macchiato in their wedding. As a animal lover, I go all mushy when couples include their pets.

The Perfect Indoor Wedding 

Natalie and Max wedding was completely held indoors, and it was absolutely stunning. The weather didn't allow for the east veranda ceremony, but thanks to the venues' beauty I have to say it wasn't missed. Their indoor ceremony exuded romance from every corner. And what can go wrong when your four pawed son is right there by your side?

After the ceremony we headed to the ballroom were the night turn into the utmost fun with entertainment by Cuentas Regresivas and Batucada by Yuvi Plena.

Thanks, Natalie and Max, may happiness always go your way!

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