Puerto Rico Adventure Engagement Love Story Cerro Mime

Adventure Engagement at Cerro Mime

As an outdoorsy person, I’m always on the lookout of fun new places to hike or explore either here in Puerto Rico or abroad. Browsing here and there a blog post from Callejeando PR caught my attention and I knew I wanted to shoot an adventure session at Cerro Mime.

Roadtrip to Orocovis

Angel and Damariz seemed like the perfect couple for the mission. I know they love to roadtrip around the Island. Damariz is from Ecuador and ever since they started dating Angel has sorta become her personal tour guide.

We headed from San Juan to Orocovis and we got lost so many times we almost gave up. Luckily by chance we managed to find the trail head. Without reception we had to resort to asking the neighbors. After ending at a dead end with a happy goat that jumped all over us and later finding the “ water” thing, we managed to find the trail head. Yay for us not giving up!

We didn’t have much time with sunlight and the hike was not an easy one. We stumbled upon a lot of cows and manure on the way up (that last one we had no idea, lol). At some point Damariz almost gave up, but Angel by her side encouraged her to keep going. The view from the top is certainly worth it!

Check out a few of my favorites from their awesome adventure session!

PD.Even the cows were snapping a pose. lol