5 Tips to Get the Most out of a Mini Photo Session

Mini sessions are the short and sweet version of a photo shoot. In my case I run mini sessions 30 minutes long. These mini sessions are not for everyone. Then who is the client for a 30 minute photo shoot? If you don’t like to spend too much time in front to the camera, but still want to have beautiful pictures, these mini sessions are for you. Minis are also great if you want a taste of what will be the couple session at your wedding. Moreover, you might be on vacation and would like to have professional pictures of you and your loved one at the place you traveled too, but not spend too much time of the day in a photo shoot. For example, Greg and Evelyn docked at Old San Juan during their Caribbean Cruise, had their 30 minute photo shoot to celebrate their recent engagement and still had enough time to enjoy the magic of the old city.

What can you do to get the most out of a mini session:


The most important thing to obtain great pictures is to be relaxed. Stress gets captured in pictures. Go to the photo shot with the mentality of having a good time!

2-Be ready!

Since the photo shot is going to be short and sweet, don’t bring too much for it. Carrying too many bags or excess items will probably make you feel uncomfortable and might take time out of your photo session.

3-Choose the right clothing

Wearing the wrong clothes or the wrong shoes might distract you. Make sure you are dressed nicely for your pictures, but that you are comfortable walking and posing in them.

4-Less is more

On mini sessions it is best with sticking with a small area of the chosen location. Keep in mind a lot of time can be lost walking instead of taking pictures. Thus, if you have a place in mind other than the one recommended by your photographer make sure the spots you want are close in proximity.

5-Have fun!

Have fun with each other, interact and be yourselves. Don’t be afraid of the camera. We will always make sure you are looking your best and look for your best angles. Thus, don’t stress about not knowing how to pose, we will guide you. 😉