9 Essential Don’ts About Old San Juan Engagement Sessions

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If you travel to Puerto Rico and you are planning an engagement session at Old San Juan check out these 9 essential don’ts about Old San Juan sessions!

Don’t plan your session on a holiday

Old San Juan is regularly busy. But during holidays it’s extremely difficult to navigate and find spots without big crowds. Keep in mind Puerto Rico has more holidays than the US. Do your due diligence when checking your travel dates.

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes

Old San Juan Sessions include a lot of walking! I’ve tracked my milage, on occasions, for Old San Juan Engagement Sessions and I’ve even put 6 miles total. Depending on the length of your session that seems like a lot of walking to be wearing uncomfortable shoes, don’t you think? So plan ahead and bring some flip flops to change to and from if you plan on wearing high heel shoes. Try out your flat shoes as well, since sometimes shoes can rub and be extremely painful. You don’t want to be worrying about that and you just want to be able to focus on yourselves.

Lesbian Couple Session at Old San Juan

Don’t forget to have fun with each other

The most important thing is to always have fun with each other. Don’t be afraid to be silly or to show your affection. This is the time to goof around and play around. Sometimes the silliest things make for the most epic pictures.

Don’t stress about knowing how to pose

This one is a common worry among almost all my wedding and couple session clients. More than likely, you are not a model and feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. It’s not just you, it’s almost everyone. But, I’m here to guide you ever step of the way. I’ll try my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of my lens and I’ll give you tips to make you look your best.

Black Couple at Old San Juan Engagement Session

Don’t listen to google maps estimated times

Old San Juan’s traffic is a toss of a coin. You might look at google maps in the morning and by the time you are leaving for your session the estimates arrival time has doubled or even tripled. You might have planned to park at certain parking garage and when you get there, either the road is closed or the parking garage is full. My suggestion is to always plan to leave earlier than anticipated so you make it in time for your session.

Old San Juan Engagement Session

Don’t wear very busy patterns or T-shirts with logos

Less is always more! You don’t want your clothing to distract from you and your partner or from your chosen location. Keep it simple. When in doubt you can always find inspiration on Pinterest or even Tik-Tok.

Jewish Couple at Old San Juan Engagement Session

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle

Old San Juan can get very hot and it can feel even hotter if you are visiting from a very cold climate. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle or some cash to buy some water, a piragua from a street vendor or even a frozen pop from Señor Paleta.

Old San Juan Gay Engagement Session

Don’t leave for last minute your reservation if you want pictures inside the forts

I love pictures inside the forts. The San Cristobal specially, is my favorite! However, they both need permits and it can take a while to file all the paper work and get all the required emails answered. So don’t leave it for the last minute, since it might deter from having your pictures taken there.

Don’t over think it, focus on your partner and have fun with it!

Each couple has an unique personality that comes true during their session. If focus on each other and forget about everything else, it will translate in images full of who you are as a couple. Have fun with it and don’t think about looking like anyone else. This is about you and nothing else matters.

Engagement Session at Old San Juan

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