Hacienda Campo Rico Weddings Do’s and Don’ts

Hacienda Campo Rico Wedding Photography

Hacienda Campo Rico is a two floor open air plantation home with 20th century caribbean classical architecture. Close to the airport in the town of Carolina, it’s an exceptional location for a perfect outdoor/indoor wedding.

Hacienda Campo Rico

Do Plan to have Your Ceremony an Hour Before Sunset

If you want to make the most of this beautiful indoor/outdoor wedding venue, plan your ceremony an hour before sunset. There’s no twilight in Puerto Rico, that means that after the sun sets, we only have around 10 more minutes of daylight. Wedding photos with flash can be beautiful and dramatic, but if you envisioned your images showcasing a more natural ambiance timing is key.

Hacienda Campo Rico

Do Wear Light Fabrics

Regardless of venue, it’s always important to take the venue in consideration when choosing your wedding outfits. Depending on the month of your wedding, the heat can be anywhere from tolerable to extremely uncomfortable if you choose the wrong fabrics or dress cut. 

Do Keep Your Guest Cool

Hiring outdoor fans for weddings at Campo Rico is always a good idea. Like any other outdoor wedding venue, Hacienda Campo Rico can get very hot. But, cool refreshments, hand fans, even vendors like Señor Paleta help keep the temperature at a comfortable level where everyone focus on having fun.

Do Bring Your Furry Companion

If there’s a venue that you can incorporate your dogs, Hacienda Campo Rico is the place! And I looove them! Just make sure to plan for them for the reception part of the wedding. Loud noises are overwhelming for most dogs.

Hacienda Campo Rico

Do Hire a Wedding Team That Works Well Together

A wedding planner is a must for venues like Hacienda Campo Rico. Everything happens in basically the same location and it’s important everything happens with good coordination. Choose a wedding team that works well together to make sure your event is flawless and everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be.

Don’t Stress About the Weather

Even tough ideally the weather will be fantastic on your wedding day, luckily the Hacienda has a plan B location that works for impromptu weather decisions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Outside The Box

Outdoor weddings are by nature more relaxed and you should feel free to have the wedding of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to change traditions or make your owns. As well as choosing entertainment the works for you and your guest.

Don’t Choose The Wrong Shoes

Being an outdoor/indoor wedding venue, there’s also some walking around grass and dirt roads. There will be more photo ops if we can also walk around the property and having the right shoes makes the difference.

Hacienda Campo Rico

And for anyone planning their wedding at Hacienda Campo Rico, here’s a super cute one!

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Wedding Team
Planner: Mia Eventos
Decor: Jat Lozano
Cake: Double Cake
Entertainment: Yuvi Plena, High Set Up, Flipeate
Officiant: Ministros de Bodas
MUA: Hair and Makeup by Paris

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