Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Beach Engagement Session

Before the Engagement Session

I met Vanessa in 2006 when we were both college students working at Border’s Bookstores. One thing I remember about Vanessa was her determination. We would be just having a party at our friend’s house and she would be there with her books studying. Times passed by and she finished law school. So proud of her!

I remember her telling me about this boy she was dating, Christian. Her happiness with him was evident. To my great joy they decided to get married. There’s a great happiness that comes when you know your friends have found a healthy love relationship and that that person that they are with is there for them through it all.

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse Engagement Session

Their journey took them to celebrate that love through pictures at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Vanessa’s hometown of Cabo Rojo representing, lol. (My home town as well)

Vanessa and Christian may love always go your way. May you always meet each other in the middle and forever be happy.