I’m Engaged, now what? Tips to Get Started on your Puerto Rico Wedding

During the holiday season a lot of you got engaged. Congratulations!! Yay!! After calling your parents and your friends, getting a ring selfie and posting it on social media comes the wedding planning. But, where to start planning your Puerto Rico wedding?

Choose a date

One of the most important things! Make sure you have a date to start working on your wedding planning.

Choose a venue

After selecting your wedding date you are ready to choose a venue. You can’t book your wedding vendors until you have a date and venue selected.

Discuss your budget and wedding size

Discuss your budget and you wedding size. Choose were to splurge and were to save. This is a very individual selection. Each couple prioritizes depending on their budget or their preferences. Make sure to have this conversation since budget can get out of hands.

Gather Inspiration

Décor, wedding dress, wedding colors, you name it. Make a mood board or a Pinterest board to have some guidance on what you are looking for. You can bring your inspiration to your wedding planner so they can guide you and assist you in achieving the wedding of your dreams.

Hire a wedding planner

This is one is a must. I’ve seen it so many times. Couples not hiring a planner and then investing so much time of their wedding day dealing with what most wedding planners take out of the couples hands, thus they can enjoy their wedding day. Put this one in your budget! For a perfect wedding this is a must.

Choose your wedding vendors

After you have selected a date, a venue and a wedding planner you are ready to book your wedding team.

After hiring your photographer plan your engagement photos

After you have chosen your wedding team, photographer included it is time to plan your engagement photos. Fun times!! To some of you this is dreaded, but this is the best way to practice before the wedding day and get to know your photographer.

This is a very condensed idea of all that wedding planning entails. My most valuable tip to all the newly engaged couples is to hire a wedding planner! Things will go so much easier.

Happy wedding planning!