Tips for a Perfect Hotel Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico

Getting married at a Hotel in Puerto Rico has its many benefits. Everything can take place at one spot, your guest will be close to you and you will be working with a staff that’s well versed on destination weddings. Puerto Rico has many beautiful hotels to host your destination wedding. From being surrounded to colonial architecture to being able to walk barefoot on the beach. After thinking about budget there are some important things to consider in order to having that perfect wedding you have been dreaming about.

Choose the right venue

Each hotel has an unique look and feel that will give the ambiance to your wedding pictures. Some hotels have sandy beach fronts and gazebos while others are more focused on their architecture than their outdoor surroundings.

Consider the season

Even though the weather in Puerto Rico is fairly constant all year long, summers tend to be very hot. Another thing to consider is the available light. Puerto Rico doesn’t have twilight, thus making sure you check sunset tables for your wedding date is crucial for your ceremony set time. Summer times it gets dark later around 7pm, while during Christmas it gets dark earlier around 5pm.

Are you having the ceremony at the hotel?

Think about the logistics. Some destination couples opt to have their wedding ceremony outside of the hotel premises. This can get complicated if you do not think about the logistics. Providing transportation to and from the hotel to your wedding guest is a good idea. That will make sure everyone is on time to where they need to be.

Do not overcrowd your getting ready room

With destination weddings I totally understand how the extended family or friends get all excited and want to be with the bride or groom during the getting ready. However, for your pictures to turn out great, you need to consider how many people is reasonable to have at your room considering the size of it.

Hire a wedding planner

I can stress enough the importance of hiring a wedding planner. Sometimes the stress of planning and having to cover all the bases during the wedding ruins the couples experience. A wedding planner is there to alleviate all your stress, keep things on track, handle all the hiccups, among so many other things, which translates on you having a more enjoyable and pleasant experience.




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