Wedding Registries – What Are They and How Do They Work?

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In the past few years, wedding registries have become the hottest trend in wedding gift-giving. As the concept took off, everyone wanted in on the game. What started as an alternative for gifting a wedding couple, became the norm for every couple and many companies rushed to get a registry set up.

What is a wedding registry? 

Simply put, a wedding registry is an online site created by the couple. The registry allows them to list physical items they want, (example, toaster oven) or financial gifts, or special items such as paying for a night in the honeymoon suite at the hotel or a moonlit dinner on the beach.

Wedding guests, friends, and family can go to the website and in a few clicks gift the couple with items or events that they requested. It is fast, free, and fun.

  • Honeyfund Wedding Registry

Wedding registries for stores have been around for years. However, the way they work is the gift giver has to physically go to the store of the couple’s choice and access their registry. 

Honeyfund is the industry leader in the new way to use a registry. They have been effectively serving couples since 2005. Honeyfund is the registry site that other companies use as a blueprint for creating their sites. 

Wedding Registries - What Are They and How Do They Work?

Kathy and Steve are young professionals. Once they graduated college and began their careers, they moved in together. A year later they decided to get married. 

This couple already had the standard household items they needed. They felt odd about asking for cash, but dreaded getting a room full of gifts that they could not use. They opted for a Honeyfund. 

They listed items on their Honeyfund such as hotel expenses, car rental, and a tour of the volcano Batur in Bali (where they were going for their honeymoon). When they arrived in Bali, they had been given the use of a rental car. They arrived at the hotel and found they had been gifted three nights in the honeymoon suite. They were gifted meals at nice restaurants, cash, and other things to make their trip special. This is a great example of how a couple can save money and have the honeymoon of their dreams. Guests were thrilled at the options they were given. 

Best stores and merchandise registries

If the idea of having all of your needs met via a gift registry doesn’t feel right, you can always opt for physical gifts. Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a great place to set-up a registry. They have a large selection and good prices for gifts. 

Almost every department store, as well as high-end shops, have some type of registry. This is still a viable option for couples. If you need furnishings, bedding, and household items, store registries are perfect

The millennials in your group may like the Amazon Registry better. This is a way to request anything that can be shipped in an Amazon box. 

The newest option in registries – Honeyfund gift card

If you are in a position where your gift registry is being filled and people still want to gift you, we suggest the newest option in the wedding registries world. The Honeyfund gift card is usable anywhere you go. The funds can be applied to shows, travel expenses, merchandise, and events. This is an easy way to allow your family to gift you easily, knowing you can use it any way you see fit.

Wedding registries are here to stay. They have revolutionized the wedding industry and we expect they will only keep growing and evolving as couples find new ways to access their gifts. It is an exciting time to be a bride and groom.


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